[GIT PULL] f2fs updates for v3.18

From: Jaegeuk Kim
Date: Wed Oct 08 2014 - 01:57:13 EST

Hi Linus,

This patch-set introduces a couple of new features such as large sector size,
FITRIM, and atomic/volatile writes.
Several patches enhance power-off recovery and checkpoint routines.
The fsck.f2fs starts to support fixing corrupted partitions with recovery hints
provided by this patch-set.

Thank you very much.

The following changes since commit 70c8038dd698b44daf7c8fc7e2eca142bec694c4:

Merge tag 'for-f2fs-3.17-rc4' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs (2014-09-03 10:10:28 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs.git tags/f2fs-for-3.18

for you to fetch changes up to 02a1335f25a386db9afc68f8315162f862aac93f:

f2fs: support volatile operations for transient data (2014-10-07 11:54:41 -0700)

f2fs updates for v3.18

This series includes patches to:
o retain some recovery information for fsck.f2fs
o enhance checkpoint speed
o enhance flush command management
o bug fix for lseek
o tune in-place-update policies
o enhance roll-forward speed
o revisit all the roll-forward and fsync rules
o support large sector size
o support FITRIM
o support atomic and volatile writes

And several clean-ups and bug fixes are included.

Chao Yu (7):
f2fs: remove unneeded sit_i in macro SIT_BLOCK_OFFSET/START_SEGNO
f2fs: refactor flush_sit_entries codes for reducing SIT writes
f2fs: fix to truncate blocks past EOF in ->setattr
f2fs: support large sector size
f2fs: skip punching hole in special condition
f2fs: fix to clean previous mount option when remount_fs
f2fs: fix to search whole dirty segmap when get_victim

Dan Carpenter (1):
f2fs: potential shift wrapping buf in f2fs_trim_fs()

Gu Zheng (1):
f2fs: use lock-less list(llist) to simplify the flush cmd management

Huang Ying (3):
f2fs: avoid node page to be written twice in gc_node_segment
f2fs: use nm_i->next_scan_nid as default for next_free_nid
f2fs: fix a race condition in next_free_nid

Jaegeuk Kim (30):
f2fs: introduce F2FS_I_SB, F2FS_M_SB, and F2FS_P_SB
f2fs: retain inconsistency information to initiate fsck.f2fs
f2fs: need fsck.f2fs when f2fs_bug_on is triggered
f2fs: add BUG cases to initiate fsck.f2fs
f2fs: handle bug cases by letting fsck.f2fs initiate
f2fs: need fsck.f2fs if the recovery was failed
f2fs: fix negative value for lseek offset
f2fs: remove lengthy inode->i_ino
f2fs: expand counting dirty pages in the inode page cache
f2fs: give an option to enable in-place-updates during fsync to users
f2fs: fix double lock for inode page during roll-foward recovery
f2fs: use meta_inode cache to improve roll-forward speed
f2fs: introduce a flag to represent each nat entry information
f2fs: fix conditions to remain recovery information in f2fs_sync_file
f2fs: fix roll-forward missing scenarios
f2fs: do not skip latest inode information
f2fs: remove redundant operation during roll-forward recovery
f2fs: use MAX_BIO_BLOCKS(sbi)
f2fs: update i_size when __allocate_data_block
f2fs: change the ipu_policy option to enable combinations
f2fs: use more free segments until SSR is activated
f2fs: introduce cp_control structure
f2fs: introduce FITRIM in f2fs_ioctl
f2fs: refactor flush_nat_entries to remove costly reorganizing ops
f2fs: check the use of macros on block counts and addresses
f2fs: call f2fs_unlock_op after error was handled
f2fs: clean up f2fs_ioctl functions
f2fs: remove unused return value
f2fs: support atomic writes
f2fs: support volatile operations for transient data

Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-fs-f2fs | 7 +
Documentation/filesystems/f2fs.txt | 13 +-
fs/f2fs/checkpoint.c | 97 +++---
fs/f2fs/data.c | 69 +++--
fs/f2fs/debug.c | 20 +-
fs/f2fs/dir.c | 19 +-
fs/f2fs/f2fs.h | 163 +++++++---
fs/f2fs/file.c | 257 ++++++++++++----
fs/f2fs/gc.c | 26 +-
fs/f2fs/inline.c | 20 +-
fs/f2fs/inode.c | 37 ++-
fs/f2fs/namei.c | 53 ++--
fs/f2fs/node.c | 460 ++++++++++++++--------------
fs/f2fs/node.h | 60 ++--
fs/f2fs/recovery.c | 191 +++++++-----
fs/f2fs/segment.c | 520 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------
fs/f2fs/segment.h | 160 ++++++----
fs/f2fs/super.c | 47 ++-
fs/f2fs/xattr.c | 8 +-
include/linux/f2fs_fs.h | 6 +-
include/trace/events/f2fs.h | 16 +-
21 files changed, 1453 insertions(+), 796 deletions(-)

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