[PATCH 0/5] serial: jsm: Provide better code quality

From: Konrad Zapalowicz
Date: Sat Nov 08 2014 - 20:22:34 EST

This series of patches fixes a few minor issues in the jsm driver.
The patches do not only address the coding style issues however none
of them changes the logic.

These patches are against the current tty-next.

Konrad Zapalowicz (5):
serial: jsm: Remove unnecessary parameter from clear_break()
serial: jsm: Remove unnecessary if statement
serial: jsm: Fix the alignment of the switch satement
serial: jsm: Replace magic value with the proper define
serial: jsm: Fix unnecessary space before function ptr arguments

drivers/tty/serial/jsm/jsm.h | 30 +++++++++++++++---------------
drivers/tty/serial/jsm/jsm_cls.c | 5 +----
drivers/tty/serial/jsm/jsm_neo.c | 31 ++++++++++++++-----------------
drivers/tty/serial/jsm/jsm_tty.c | 2 +-
4 files changed, 31 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)


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