[UNNECESSARY PATCH 00/16] signal: coding style wankery...

From: Joe Perches
Date: Sun Nov 16 2014 - 15:09:33 EST

This is intended to be instructive for Ionet Alexa.
All these patches are almost totally unnecessary.

Converting a bunch of issues all at the same time makes for very
difficult reviewing. Separating the changes into individual
patches can make verifying and accepting the changes easier.

If signal.c was changed just neatening purposes, this is how I
think it should be done.

Even if these patches were applied, there would still checkpatch
messages that are and should be ignored because:

o logic there shouldn't be changed
o 80 column warnings don't have to be fixed
o checkpatch is just a brainless little script


before the patches:
$ ./scripts/checkpatch.pl -f --strict kernel/signal.c
total: 53 errors, 99 warnings, 37 checks, 3674 lines checked


$ ./scripts/checkpatch.pl -f --strict kernel/signal.c
WARNING: line over 80 characters
#596: FILE: kernel/signal.c:596:
+ if (!current->notifier(current->notifier_data)) {

WARNING: else is not generally useful after a break or return
#948: FILE: kernel/signal.c:948:
+ return;
+ } else {

CHECK: architecture specific defines should be avoided
#1152: FILE: kernel/signal.c:1152:
+#if defined(__i386__) && !defined(__arch_um__)

CHECK: __setup appears un-documented -- check Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
#1179: FILE: kernel/signal.c:1179:
+__setup("print-fatal-signals=", setup_print_fatal_signals);

WARNING: line over 80 characters
#1452: FILE: kernel/signal.c:1452:
+ pid ? find_vpid(-pid) : task_pgrp(current));

WARNING: else is not generally useful after a break or return
#2105: FILE: kernel/signal.c:2105:
+ return true;
+ } else {

WARNING: line over 80 characters
#3753: FILE: kernel/signal.c:3753:
+ kdb_printf("Process is not RUNNING, sending a signal from kdb risks deadlock on the run queue locks. The signal has _not_ been sent.\n"

total: 0 errors, 5 warnings, 2 checks, 3764 lines checked

Joe Perches (16):
signal: whitespace neatening
signal: vertical line neatening
signal: Move EXPORT_SYMBOL after function definition
signal: Use pr_<level>
signal: Move case statements to separate lines and for loop neatening
signal: Use consistent function definition style
signal: Add braces
signal: Remove unnecessary return
signal: Use include <linux not <asm
signal: Remove unnecessary parentheses from function pointer call
signal: Add parenthese around sizeof argument
signal: 80 column wrapping
signal: Move label to first column
signal: Convert for (;;) to do {} while
signal: Isolate returns by adding blank lines
signal: Coalesce kdb_printf formats

kernel/signal.c | 528 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
1 file changed, 309 insertions(+), 219 deletions(-)


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