Empires only fall to an enemy within.

From: SystemBlues
Date: Tue Nov 18 2014 - 00:08:00 EST

Free software worked great for a time, it was a movement
on the upswing. Then it was noticed. Feminists appeared
and lobbied to have those of unclean mind excluded from
the free/opensource movement, only those who believed
the correct thing were allowed to stay. Code nor contribution
mattered anymore. Believing in social justice for women,
self-mutilated men/women, and gays was what was now important.

No longer is it enough that a man has the ability and the will
to code and contribute. His balls must be in a purse.

Now SystemD has appeared aswell, and is tearing down what
once were stable, time tested, edifices. Its proponents
strangely also are of the pro-feminist / social justice warrior

Dissent is crushed.

Empires only fall to an enemy within.


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