[ANN] Kernel integration now merged on backports

From: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date: Tue Nov 18 2014 - 13:21:34 EST

Full kernel integration is now merged as part of Linux
backports-20141114. I've written a bit about it [0] [1], what we need
now are users and developer to give this a good spin as we wind down
for the v3.19 release, which will be the first release that will
support kernel integration down to any kernel >= 3.0 -- for now you
can use the backports-20141114 tag which uses as base supported
drivers from next-20141114. What this will mean is that you can opt in
to integrate any device driver we support from any future backports
release into any of >= 3.0 kernel with full kconfig support, enabling
you to build everything as built-in. For all this you won't be using
the packaged releases [2], instead you'll use the git tree directly as

[0] http://www.do-not-panic.com/2014/11/automating-backport-kernel-integration.html
[1] https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Documentation/integration
[2] https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Documentation/packaging

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