[PATCH 0/9] staging: panel: Refactor panel initialization

From: Mariusz Gorski
Date: Tue Nov 18 2014 - 16:01:44 EST

This set of patches focuses on making current initialization
process easier to understand - especially it tries to emphasize
what are the priorities of the params coming from different
sources (Kconfig values, device profiles and module param values
set on loading). I paid attention not to change to behaviour of
the code itself (at least for now), so all hacky places are kept.

Mariusz Gorski (9):
staging: panel: Set default parport module param value
staging: panel: Call init function directly
staging: panel: Remove magic numbers
staging: panel: Use a macro for checking module params state
staging: panel: Start making module params read-only
staging: panel: Make two more module params read-only
staging: panel: Refactor LCD init code
staging: panel: Remove more magic number comparison
staging: panel: Move LCD-related state into struct lcd

drivers/staging/panel/panel.c | 672 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
1 file changed, 357 insertions(+), 315 deletions(-)


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