Re: [patch 08/16] genirq: Introduce callback irq_chip.irq_write_msi_msg

From: Yun Wu (Abel)
Date: Tue Nov 18 2014 - 22:54:57 EST

On 2014/11/18 22:52, Jiang Liu wrote:

> On 2014/11/18 22:34, Yun Wu (Abel) wrote:
>> On 2014/11/18 22:19, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>>> On Tue, 18 Nov 2014, Yun Wu (Abel) wrote:
>>>> On 2014/11/18 21:43, Jiang Liu wrote:
>>>>> We provide an irq_chip for each type of interrupt controller
>>>>> instead of devices. For the example mentioned above, if device A
>>>>> and Group B has different interrupt controllers, we just need to
>>>>> implement irq_chip_A and irq_chip_B and set irq_chip.irq_write_msi_msg()
>>>>> to suitable callbacks.
>>>>> The framework already achieves what you you want:)
>>>> What if device A and group B have the same interrupt controller?
>>> Well, if write_msg() is different they are hardly the same.
>> The GICv3 ITS now deals with both PCI and non PCI message interrupts.
>> We can't require the new devices behave writing message in a same way.
>> What we can do is to abstract all the endpoints' behavior, and I
>> provided one abstraction in an earlier reply.
> It should be easy to extend:)
> Actually, x86 interrupt remapping drivers already support two types of
> MSIs, one is PCI MSI/MSIX, another is HPET interrupt.

Well, if there are one hundred types, I don't think it's as easy as you
thought to extend. Of course we can doubt the possibility of being hundred,
but tens or twenties is reasonably possible lying under the fact we have
already startet to integrate the MSI registers (or some other form to store
information) into the individual devices.


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