Debian Developer promises me imprisonment

From: Full Name
Date: Wed Nov 19 2014 - 05:59:32 EST


I advocated for the marraige of young girls to men
(As allowed in the Old Testament (read in hebrew))

Josselin Mouette threatens, promises me imprisonment:

Re: What do you have against young girls?

The party van is coming for you, Mikee.

Thank you for the heads up.

If by some miracle of fate I survive the initial confrontation
(being caught off guard, not being near a wall, not having the balls) things may go abit differently than you Imagine.

You see on my devices reside just a few things: my code, my media, and my writings.
To my knowledge, none of these things are a problem in my country
(though my writings surely are illegal in yours)

I've never engaged in what you imagine me to have done.
I've only advocated for, prayed for, the killing of feminists and the marriage of girls.

So the status between us will then be you having brought this into the real world.

And I, God willing, shall then make it real in yours as well. (I pray)

An eye must be taken for an eye.

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