Re: [RFC] adp1653: Add device tree bindings for LED controller

From: Sakari Ailus
Date: Wed Nov 19 2014 - 13:01:24 EST

Hi Pavel,

Pavel Machek wrote:
> On Mon 2014-11-17 07:06:17, Tony Lindgren wrote:
>> * Pali RohÃr <pali.rohar@xxxxxxxxx> [141117 07:03]:
>>> On Monday 17 November 2014 15:55:46 Tony Lindgren wrote:
>>>> There's nothing stopping us from initializing the camera code
>>>> from pdata-quirks.c for now to keep it working. Certainly the
>>>> binding should be added to the driver, but that removes a
>>>> dependency to the legacy booting mode if things are otherwise
>>>> working.
>>> Tony, legacy board code for n900 is not in mainline tree. And
>>> that omap3 camera subsystem for n900 is broken since 3.5
>>> kernel... (both Front and Back camera on n900 show only green
>>> picture).
>> I'm still seeing the legacy board code for n900 in mainline tree :)
>> It's deprecated, but still there.
>> Are you maybe talking about some other piece of platform_data that's
>> no longer in the mainline kernel?
>> No idea what might be wrong with the camera though.
> Camera support for main and secondary cameras was never mainline, AFAICT.
> Merging it will not be easy, as it lacks DT support... and was broken
> for long time.

I have a smiapp patchset for DT support that I posted a while ago, here:


What's missing on top of that is the omap3isp support, plus something to
toggle the sysctl registers based on the chosen receiver. I have a
preliminary, not RFC yet but functional set here:


The main camera support requires et8ek8 driver as well, and resolving
the breakage with the image capture on 3430.

N9/N950 will be first, though. Lens controllers are another matter, but
nothing too difficult on that side either.

> Anyway, flash is kind of important for me, since it makes phone useful
> as backup light; and it is simple piece of hw, so I intend to keep it
> useful.

Me, too. :-)

Kind regards,

Sakari Ailus
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