Re: [PATCH v2 02/10] crypto: AF_ALG: user space interface for cipher info

From: Stephan Mueller
Date: Wed Nov 19 2014 - 23:24:31 EST

Am Donnerstag, 20. November 2014, 12:18:24 schrieb Herbert Xu:

Hi Herbert,

> On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 05:14:49AM +0100, Stephan Mueller wrote:
> > Or we have to patch crypto_user to allow the use of cra_name -- which is
> > currently explicitly disabled.
> In what way is it disabled?

Here is the code:

static int crypto_report(struct sk_buff *in_skb, struct nlmsghdr *in_nlh,
struct nlattr **attrs)
if (!p->cru_driver_name[0])
return -EINVAL;

alg = crypto_alg_match(p, 1);
if (!alg)
return -ENOENT;

And crypto_alg_match is implemented as:

static struct crypto_alg *crypto_alg_match(struct crypto_user_alg *p, int
if (strlen(p->cru_driver_name))
match = !strcmp(q->cra_driver_name,
else if (!exact)
match = !strcmp(q->cra_name, p->cru_name);
> Cheers,

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