Re: [GIT PULL] at91: dt for 3.19 #2

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Thu Nov 20 2014 - 07:42:17 EST

On Wednesday 19 November 2014, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
> Another DT pull-request for 3.19. For this one, I had to pull one Vinod's topic
> branch to be able to include the XDMA DT properties. This branch is stable and
> based on 3.18-rc3 (Cf.
> Note that my previous DT pull-request for 3.19 was based on 3.18-rc2.
> So, this is what I did:
> - took a v3.18-rc3 tag
> - merged the at91-3.19-dt branch that you already have in at91/dt (you'd taken the at91-dt tag)
> - merged the topic/at_xdmac from Vinod
> - stacked the new material described above on top of this.
> Tell me if it's okay for you or if I have to arrange things differently.
> The content itself is pretty straightforward.

I've pulled it into a new next/dt2 branch, so we don't have to coordinate the merging
with Vinod. If he sends the slave-dma tree first, this will be part of the normal
next/dt submission to Linus, otherwise it will come a few days later.


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