Re: [PATCH v3] Bluetooth: automatically flushable packets aren't allowed on LE links

From: Johan Hedberg
Date: Thu Nov 20 2014 - 09:57:42 EST

Hi Marcel,

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014, Marcel Holtmann wrote:
> > static u16 get_acl_flags(struct hci_conn *hcon, struct l2cap_chan *chan)
> > {
> If we do it with a helper functions, then it should only provide the
> l2cap_chan since we can get the hci_conn from there.

One of the places it'd get called from (l2cap_send_cmd) doesn't have a
l2cap_chan context at all which is why I split this into one mandatory
(hci_conn) and another optoinal (l2cap_chan) parameter.

Anyway, if you're happy with having this inline with a code comment
explaining the (rather complex) if-statement then I'm fine with that

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