Re: Looking for good references for ARM driver development

From: Mason
Date: Thu Nov 20 2014 - 16:48:27 EST

On 19/11/2014 17:57, Victor Ascroft wrote:

> On 11/19/2014 06:20 PM, Mason wrote:
>> Are there more recent technical references, as good as LDD3, that
>> cover "modern" aspects of kernel development?
> The LDD3 is one of the best there is. A fourth edition is supposed
> to come out sometime next year.

That's the best news I've heard this week!
Hope Jonathan gets well and lives happily ever after.

>> How do I "leave device registration for the system infrastructure"?
>> Where should I put that code?
>> Is it a good idea to separate device registration and driver registration
>> in the case of a SoC, where the device is embedded in the SoC and is not
>> "hot-plugged" (or anything-plugged for that matter, it's just "there").
> For understanding this you need to understand how the platform infrastructure
> works and why is it used.
> and go through some of the relevant drivers.

More of Jon's (great) work ;-)
Will definitely read these articles carefully.

>> 3) Why is the function used to "destroy a platform device" named
>> platform_device_put? Why put?
>> Put on a list of things to destroy at a later time?
> This should be more clear once you go through LDD3.

I'm coming up empty.
AFAICT, it's unrelated to the _put_user* family of functions.
I see that it has something to do with ref count decrement.
[more reading...]
Something about kref.

They mention "put" but not *why* it's called "put".
Is it related to Dijkstra's P and V for semaphores?
Still confused...

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