Re: [PATCH -mm 1/3] exit: reparent: avoid find_new_reaper() if no children

From: Oleg Nesterov
Date: Fri Nov 21 2014 - 15:01:44 EST

On 11/20, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:34:23 +0100 Oleg Nesterov <oleg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > $ time ./test 16 16536 shows:
> >
> > real user sys
> > - 5m37.628s 0m4.437s 8m5.560s
> > + 0m50.032s 0m7.130s 1m4.927s
> Is that the best you can do?

Unfortunately these changes do not even try to solve the main problem,
tasklist_lock doesn't scale simply because it is global. These changes
make sense (I hope) anyway, even if/when we redesign the locking. But
so far I do not have a good plan.

> (I assume the increase in user time was a glitch?)

To be honest, I didn't even notice this change. I repeated the testing
before/after this patch and (to my surprize) the "user" numbers are more
or less stable, and /usr/bin/time reports the increase.

1. First of all: this is impossible ;)

Note that this test-case uses SIGTRAP to trigger the coredumping.
This means that exit_notify() can only be called when all threads
are already in kernel mode, the coredumping thread sleeps until
they all are parked in exit_mm(). Until then this patch has no

2. With this patch applied, I added mdelay(2) into forget_original_parent(),
right after find_child_reaper(). And yes, this changes the numbers too:

real user sys
10m1.225s 0m5.443s 17m25.797s

note that "user time" goes down.

3. So I think that this just reminds that utime/stime accounting isn't
precise. sum_exec_runtime is accurate and thus we can more or less
trust utime + stime, but utime/stime is random. Plus scale_stime()
doesn't look very accurate too.

4. In this particular case the accounting is even more impresize, this
test-case spends a lot of time in kernel mode with irqs disabled and
this "freezes" task->stime.

5. That said, I still can't really understand why "user" grows. If I
understand the calculations in cputime_adjust() correctly (probably
I don't), it should not.

In short, I am a bit confused but I still don't think that this increase
is real.


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