Re: [PATCH 0/2] kmx61: Small cleanups

From: Jonathan Cameron
Date: Sat Nov 22 2014 - 06:49:44 EST

On 17/11/14 15:09, Daniel Baluta wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 4:59 PM, Jonathan Cameron <jic23@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On November 17, 2014 1:18:34 PM GMT+00:00, Daniel Baluta <daniel.baluta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> This is a small cleanup patchset, that:
>>> * makes it clear that kmx61 uses only the micro part of scale
>>> * use macro instead of hardcoded value for driver name
>>> Jonathan, if you think it's worth it, these could be squased together
>>> with
>>> the initial patch submitted in testing:
>>> 61ef04a496 (iio: imu: Add support for Kionix KMX61 sensor)
>> Given the additional bits from Peter, I don't mind pulling the original and applying an updated patch.
> I prefer this :). I will send an updated patch with fixes reported by Peter.
>> Additional changes like this are fine as well if you prefer.
> I am almost done with adding support for runtime PM. Let me know
> if you want this as a separate patch or just one big updated patch.
Oops. I moaned about the unified patch, but didn't actually get around
to replying to you. Was fine either way really.

Note to anyone reading this patch series - the unified patch for
adding the driver with all these changes in place has now been applied.

> Daniel.

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