Hierarchical irqdomains - Status update

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Sun Nov 23 2014 - 14:03:47 EST


I've rebased the hierarchical irqdomain code on top of Bjorns
msi_controller rework.

Changes versus the previous version:

- Bjorns new pci/mci branch. See also:

Thanks Bjorn for fixing that just before your vacation!

- Rename of msi_mask/unmask_irq et al so it's clear that these
functions are PCI related and cannot be used for non PCI based
MSI functionality.

- Folded back fixup patches

- Added the missing parent check as reported by Suravee

The branch is now immutable and you can base your patches on it.

If you need to pull the branch into your tree, please let me know.

Patches which are mostly touching drivers/irqchip should go through
Jason. Please post them against irq/irqdomain. We'll either create a
seperate branch for them or merge irq/irqdomain into irq/core.

Thanks for the fruitful discussions, testing, rebasing and patience.


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