Re: [PATCH v15 06/12] dt-bindings: add document for dw_hdmi

From: Philipp Zabel
Date: Wed Dec 03 2014 - 04:21:01 EST

Hi Andy,

Am Mittwoch, den 03.12.2014, 08:54 +0800 schrieb Andy Yan:
> >> +Required properities:
> >> +- compatible: platform specific such as:
> >> + * "fsl,imx6q-hdmi"
> >> + * "fsl,imx6dl-hdmi"
> >> + * "rockchip,rk3288-dw-hdmi"
> > I think we should add a common compatible value "snps,dw-hdmi-tx" here:
> >
> > compatible = "fsl,imx6q-hdmi", "snps,dw-hdmi-tx";
> >
> How about "snps,dw-hdmi", because the driver is not only about
> hdmi tx, but also include hdmi phy.

Synopsys call the whole module
"DesignWare HDMI Transmitter (TX) IP Solution":

That includes the PHY. I'd prefer keeping the -tx in there to
differentiate from a possible future "snps,dw-hdmi-rx":

> If we add such compatible value, do we have to implement another
> platform driver like dw_hdmi-pltfm.c with the
> compatible="snps,dw-hdmi" ,
> or just include the compatible value in dw_hdmi-imx.c and
> dw_hdmi-rockchip.c?

That common compatible doesn't have to be used by any driver. It's just
there to show these are the same/similar IP core.
If a common driver without any SoC specific knowledge could be written,
that one would match against the common compatible.


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