Re: [PATCH] Staging: bcm: Fix lines exceeding 80 character limit in CmHost.h This is a patch to CmHost.h that fixes Exceeds 80 Character limits warning found by Signed-off-by: Arun Ayyer <arun267@xxxxxxxxx>

From: Joe Perches
Date: Wed Dec 03 2014 - 20:44:08 EST

On Wed, 2014-12-03 at 17:39 -0800, Greg KH wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 05:31:59PM -0800, arun vijayshankar wrote:
> > Hi Greg,
> If you turn off HTML email, your message will not get rejected by the
> mailing lists :)
> > I completely agree! I thought of keeping the patch summary as the subject, but
> > I wasn't sure and ending up entering nothing. Git then used this by default.
> You forgot a blank line after your first line in the git commit message,
> which caused it to get all merged together.
> Try fixing that up and resending please.

No need. This directory has been deleted.

Please work against -next (or Greg's staging tree)

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