Re: [PATCH 2/3] MIPS: Add full ISA emulator.

From: David Daney
Date: Wed Dec 03 2014 - 21:37:36 EST

On 12/03/2014 05:56 PM, Leonid Yegoshin wrote:

I feel we can close a discission at that point - we disagree which
approach is better, and there is no sense to continue dancing around.

That is something I do agree with.

I see only two technical issues here which differs:

1. You believe your GCC experts, I trust HW Architecture manual and
don't trust toolchain people too much ==> we see a different value in
fact that your approach has a subset of emulated ISAs (and it can't, of
course, emulate anything because some custom opcodes are reused).

Yes, I agree that the emulation approach cannot handle some of the cases you mention (most would have to be the result of hand coded assembly specifically trying to break it).

2. My approach is ready to use and is used right now, you still have a
framework which passed an initial boot.

Let's add some more, please correct me if I misstate the facts:

3) Your approach uses one additional page of memory per user space thread, even if emulation is never needed or there is a hardware FPU.

4) Your approach adds a Thread creation overhead of copy_page().

On 12/03/2014 05:29 PM, David Daney wrote:
On 12/03/2014 04:52 PM, Leonid Yegoshin wrote:
On 12/03/2014 04:20 PM, David Daney wrote:
It is a proof of concept. R6 can easily be added if needed.

Your XOL emulation doesn't handle R6 either, so this is no worse than
your patch in that respect.

You probably didn't research it well. A lot of changes in
arch/mips/kernel/branch.c and and arch/mips/math-emu/cp1emu.c, all of it
related with R6.

I looked at:
commit 3a18ca061311f2f1ee9c44012f89c7436d392117

And I saw no R6 support.

Is it there, or in some other branch that isn't merged?

Sorry, I misunderstood your statement:

Yes, my "MIPS: Setup an instruction emulation in VDSO protected page
instead of user stack <>" has
no any MIPS R6 specifics and actually has no any another MIPS Rx
specific or FPU specific besides the fact that emulation can be done by
multiple emulators and a small stack is supported in so-called "VDSO"
page. I just remember that I pointed you to place where MIPS R6 is done
and it has a lot of MIPS R6 instruction emulation and confused both events.

- Leonid.

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