[PATCH v4 0/3] Fix Arndale Octa/Peach Pi boot on Audio subsystem clocks

From: Krzysztof Kozlowski
Date: Fri Dec 05 2014 - 06:01:48 EST


Changes since v3
1. Patch 1/3: Fix issues pointed by Sylwester.
2. Add Javier's tested-by [1]

Changes since v2
1. Patch 1 applied ("clk: samsung: Fix double add of syscore ops after
driver rebind"), remove it.
2. Squash patch 5 with "clk: samsung: Fix clock disable
failure because domain being gated". Suggested by Sylwester.
3. Patch 1/3: Fix issues pointed by Sylwester.
4. Patch 2/3: Fix redundant clk_disable when removing driver (clk is
already disabled). Add missing check !=null when removing driver.
5. Patch 3/3: Extend commit message.

Tomasz Figa had some questions about power domains on Exynos5420 in
relation to this patchset, but I haven't addressed all of them yet.

Changes since v1
1. clocks-audss: Reimplement own clock register functions instead
changing clk API. Minor fixes. (after idea from Tomasz Figa)
2. Add new patches: fix for pinctrl and minor fixes in clk-audss.

This patchset tries to solve dependency between AudioSS components
(clocks and GPIO) and main clock controller on Exynos 5420 platform.

This solves boot failure of Peach Pi/Pit and Arndale Octa [2].

Any access to memory of audss block (like checking if clock is enabled
or configuring GPIO) will hang if main audss clock is gated.

Tested on Arndale Octa board.

[1] https://lkml.org/lkml/2014/11/26/420
[2] http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-samsung-soc/msg39331.html

Best regards,
Krzysztof Kozlowski

Krzysztof Kozlowski (3):
clk: samsung: Fix clock disable failure because domain being gated
pinctrl: exynos: Fix GPIO setup failure because domain clock being
ARM: dts: exynos5420: Add clock for audss pinctrl (fixing GPIO setup

.../bindings/pinctrl/samsung-pinctrl.txt | 6 +
arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5420-pinctrl.dtsi | 3 +
drivers/clk/samsung/clk-exynos-audss.c | 339 ++++++++++++++++++---
drivers/pinctrl/samsung/pinctrl-samsung.c | 111 ++++++-
drivers/pinctrl/samsung/pinctrl-samsung.h | 2 +
5 files changed, 418 insertions(+), 43 deletions(-)


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