Re: [PATCH v4] scsi: ufs: add support of generic PHY and ICE in Qualcomm chips

From: Kishon Vijay Abraham I
Date: Fri Dec 05 2014 - 09:58:57 EST

On Thursday 04 December 2014 09:24 PM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 05:59:58PM +0200, Yaniv Gardi wrote:
>> In this change we add support to the generic PHY framework.
>> Two UFS phys are implemented:
>> qmp-20nm and qmp-28nm.
>> Also, the files in this change implement the UFS HW (controller & PHY)
>> specific behavior in Qualcomm chips.
>> Relocation of a few header files is needed in order to expose routines
>> and data structures between PHY driver and UFS driver.
>> Also, this change include the implementation of Inline Crypto Engine (ICE)
>> in Qualcomm chips.
> This whole patch is a mess. It does way to many things in one patch,
> and it doesn't explain enough of it.
> Please explain why you need it. Especially as the PHY API is a generic
> phy abstraction, so having to share defintions between the provider and
> consumer seems wrong. Even if you need some shared bits keep them to an
> absolute minium insted of moving so much out of the driver directory.
> Also if at all possible keep the shared data in a single header under
> include/linux instead of having lots of global headers in a deep
> directory structure.
> Second split this into patches that do a single things, and explain why
> you're doing each:
> 1) header move if/as needed
> 2) add 20nm phy driver
> 3) add 28nm phy driver
> 4) add ufs-qcom driver
> 5) add ufs-qcom-ice support
> and so on.


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