[PATCH 3/7] CXL: Fix leaking interrupts if attach process fails

From: Ian Munsie
Date: Mon Dec 08 2014 - 03:19:45 EST

From: Ian Munsie <imunsie@xxxxxxxxxxx>

In this particular error path we have already allocated the AFU
interrupts, but have not yet set the status to STARTED. The detach
context code will only attempt to release the interrupts if the context
is in state STARTED, so in this case the interrupts would remain

This patch releases the AFU interrupts immediately if the attach call
fails to prevent them leaking.

Signed-off-by: Ian Munsie <imunsie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
drivers/misc/cxl/file.c | 4 +++-
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/misc/cxl/file.c b/drivers/misc/cxl/file.c
index 378b099..2e067a5 100644
--- a/drivers/misc/cxl/file.c
+++ b/drivers/misc/cxl/file.c
@@ -181,8 +181,10 @@ static long afu_ioctl_start_work(struct cxl_context *ctx,
ctx->pid = get_pid(get_task_pid(current, PIDTYPE_PID));

if ((rc = cxl_attach_process(ctx, false, work.work_element_descriptor,
- amr)))
+ amr))) {
+ afu_release_irqs(ctx);
goto out;
+ }

ctx->status = STARTED;
rc = 0;

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