Re: wl1251: NVS firmware data

From: Ivaylo Dimitrov
Date: Mon Dec 08 2014 - 14:42:24 EST

On 8.12.2014 21:26, Dan Williams wrote:

a) change driver to prefer a new "wl1251-nvs-n900.bin" file, but fall
back to "wl1251-nvs.bin" if the first one isn't present
b) have a "wl1251-cal-nvs-update" service that, if wl1521-nvs-n900.bin
is *not* present mounts the CAL MTD, reads the data, writes it out into
wl1521-nvs-n900.bin, and the rmmod/modprobes the driver

and done? Stuff that's not N900 just wouldn't ship the update service
and would proceed like none of this happened.


That would mean that the driver should not be built-in, as afaik we cannot rmmod built-in drivers. Sure, it will work after a reboot, but this is a bit hacky, agree?

Also, new NVS file needs to be loaded when fcc regulation changes(flying abroad), so that would mean that the device would be outside of those until reboot (in case of built-in driver)

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