potential corruption in synclink driver

From: Dan Carpenter
Date: Tue Dec 09 2014 - 03:52:26 EST

Hi Jiri, I hate to bother you with this, but you're the TTY expert. I'm
getting the following static checker warning:

drivers/tty/synclink.c:4057 save_tx_buffer_request()
error: 'BufferSize' from user is not capped properly

4047 static int save_tx_buffer_request(struct mgsl_struct *info,const char *Buffer, unsigned int BufferSize)
4048 {
4049 struct tx_holding_buffer *ptx;
4051 if ( info->tx_holding_count >= info->num_tx_holding_buffers ) {
4052 return 0; /* all buffers in use */
4053 }
4055 ptx = &info->tx_holding_buffers[info->put_tx_holding_index];
4056 ptx->buffer_size = BufferSize;
4057 memcpy( ptx->buffer, Buffer, BufferSize);
4059 ++info->tx_holding_count;
4060 if ( ++info->put_tx_holding_index >= info->num_tx_holding_buffers)
4061 info->put_tx_holding_index=0;
4063 return 1;
4064 }

ptx->buffer is allocated in mgsl_alloc_intermediate_txbuffer_memory()
and it can be up to "info->max_frame_size" bytes which is a number
between 4096 and 65535.

The way I read it, BufferSize comes from do_tty_write() and it could be
up to 65536. That's obviously one higher than 65535. But if
->max_frame_size is 4096 then that's a lot higher.

This looks like a potential buffer overflow but I don't know the TTY
layer enough to be sure.

dan carpenter
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