Re: powerpc32: missing accessors to pgprot_t objects

From: Michael Ellerman
Date: Tue Dec 09 2014 - 05:18:48 EST

On Mon, 2014-08-12 at 14:16:29 UTC, LEROY Christophe wrote:
> Compilation with #define STRICT_MM_TYPECHECKS in arch/powerpc/include/asm/page.h
> fails due to missing use of pgprot_val() when using pgprot_t objects.

Hmm, looks like 64 bit doesn't build either.

Aneesh I think you added this, mind fixing it up?

In file included from ../arch/powerpc/include/asm/thread_info.h:34:0,
from ../include/linux/thread_info.h:54,
from ../include/asm-generic/preempt.h:4,
from arch/powerpc/include/generated/asm/preempt.h:1,
from ../include/linux/preempt.h:18,
from ../include/linux/spinlock.h:50,
from ../include/linux/mmzone.h:7,
from ../include/linux/gfp.h:5,
from ../include/linux/mm.h:9,
from ../arch/powerpc/mm/tlb_hash64.c:25:
../arch/powerpc/mm/tlb_hash64.c: In function â??__flush_hash_table_rangeâ??:
../arch/powerpc/include/asm/page.h:286:24: error: request for member â??pteâ?? in something not a structure or union
#define pte_val(x) ((x).pte)
../arch/powerpc/mm/tlb_hash64.c:219:37: note: in expansion of macro â??pte_valâ??
trace_hugepage_invalidate(start, pte_val(pte));
make[2]: *** [arch/powerpc/mm/tlb_hash64.o] Error 1

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