Re: [PATCH/RFC v9 06/19] DT: Add documentation for the mfd Maxim max77693

From: Sylwester Nawrocki
Date: Wed Dec 10 2014 - 05:59:50 EST

On 10/12/14 11:02, Jacek Anaszewski wrote:
>>>> +Optional properties:
>>>> >>> +- maxim,fleds : Array of current outputs in order: fled1, fled2.

s/current outputs/LED current regulator outputs used/ ?

>>>> >>> + Note: both current outputs can be connected to a single led

s/led/LED ? And there seem to be other similar occurrences that would
need to be put in upper case.

>>>> >>> + Possible values:
>>>> >>> + MAX77693_LED_FLED_UNUSED - the output is left disconnected,
>>>> >>> + MAX77693_LED_FLED_USED - a diode is connected to the output.

As noted below, I would simply use 0/1 for these.

>>> >>
>>> >> As you have a LED sub-nodes for each LED already, isn't this redundant?
>> >
>> > Well, it seems so :)
> I agreed here recklessly. This property allows to describe the
> situation when one LED is connected to both outputs. Single sub-node
> can describe two type of designs: one LED connected to a single
> output or one LED connected to both outputs. Therefore additional
> property is needed to assess what is the actual case.

How about renaming "maxim,fleds" to "maxim,active-outputs" ?
And simply using 0 and 1 to indicate if one is used or not, rather
than defining macros for these true/false values ?

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