Re: [PATCH] staging: rtl8723au: Fix sparse warnings

From: Larry Finger
Date: Fri Dec 12 2014 - 22:18:51 EST

On 12/12/2014 04:50 PM, Krzysztof Konopko wrote:
On 12/12/14 18:35, Larry Finger wrote:
On 12/12/2014 05:35 AM, Krzysztof Konopko wrote:
On 12/12/14 00:53, Larry Finger wrote:
In particular, did you test on big-endian hardware after you
made this change?

Nope. I don't have any big-endian hardware. I don't even have the
wireless card TBH. But I'm happy to try to get one. Is Rtl8723AE the
right model?

No. The device numbers that end in E are PCIe and use a mac80211-based
driver. As none of my BE hardware has PCIe, I cannot test those drivers
on other than LE hardware. I do not have the hardware either for the
RTL8723AU. For that reason, I am careful when modifying the driver - I
let Jes do that.

Silly me. 'U' stands for USB here. But can't find this device on any
auction. It's included in some ultrabooks but can't afford that for the
sake of fixing some sparse warnings :)

There are no stand-alone USB devices that I have found for either RTL8723AU or RTL8723BU. The closest are modules CM-8723U and CM-8723BU by CC&C ( with RTL8723AU and RTL8723BU, respectively. The former is obsolete and no longer on the web site. These modules have D+ and D- connectors for USB, but they take 3.3 V, not 5. As a result, one would need some sort of voltage regulator circuit. That would not be complicated as it would consist of a TI LM2937-3.3 and a couple of capacitors. I wrote to them to see if I could get samples, but no response yet.

To be able to fix the kernel driver for RTL8188EU on PPC, I need to sort
out these endian problems. Once I do, I will port them to the other

Isn't `sparse` useful here? :)

Yes, but the git repo works, and the kernel version does not, even though both do not have any Sparse warhings.


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