Re: 3.12.33 - BUG xfrm_selector_match+0x25/0x2f6

From: Julian Anastasov
Date: Sat Dec 13 2014 - 15:20:22 EST


On Thu, 11 Dec 2014, Smart Weblications GmbH - Florian Wiessner wrote:

> >> [ 512.485323] CPU: 4 PID: 28142 Comm: vsftpd Not tainted 3.12.33 #5
> >
> > Above "#5" is same as previous oops. It means kernel
> > is not updated. Or you updated only the IPVS modules after
> > applying the both patches?
> I did it with make-kpkg --initrd linux_image which only rebuilt the modules,
> correct. I can retry with make clean before building the package

I just tested PASV and PORT with 3.12.33 including
both patches (seq adj fix + ip_route_me_harder fix) and do not
see any crashes in nf_ct_seqadj_set. If you still have problem
with FTP send me more info offlist.

> > You can also try without FTP tests to see if there
> > are oopses in xfrm, so that we can close this topic and then
> > to continue for the FTP problem on IPVS lists without
> > bothering non-IPVS people.
> >
> yeah, it seems that the xfrm issue is away.

Thanks for the confirmation!


Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
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