linux-next: manual merge of the driver-core tree with Linus' tree

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Sun Dec 14 2014 - 22:09:13 EST

Hi Greg,

Today's linux-next merge of the driver-core tree got a conflict in
drivers/rtc/rtc-snvs.c between commit 88221c32f985 ("rtc: snvs: fix
build with CONFIG_PM_SLEEP disabled") from Linus' tree and commit
0929ae376ef3 ("rtc: drop owner assignment from platform_drivers") from
the driver-core tree.

I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as necessary (no action
is required).

Stephen Rothwell sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

diff --cc drivers/rtc/rtc-snvs.c
index 942b267c6271,f04c378b781a..000000000000
--- a/drivers/rtc/rtc-snvs.c
+++ b/drivers/rtc/rtc-snvs.c
@@@ -367,8 -327,7 +367,7 @@@ MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(of, snvs_dt_ids)
static struct platform_driver snvs_rtc_driver = {
.driver = {
.name = "snvs_rtc",
- .owner = THIS_MODULE,
- .pm = &snvs_rtc_pm_ops,
+ .pm = SNVS_RTC_PM_OPS,
.of_match_table = snvs_dt_ids,
.probe = snvs_rtc_probe,

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