Re: [PATCH v8 2/3] i2c: iproc: Add Broadcom iProc I2C Driver

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Sun Feb 08 2015 - 06:03:56 EST

> > Is it really a HW limitation? Could the driver later be extended to
> > continue filling the FIFO if a certain threshold is reached?
> >
> Will return -EOPNOTSUPP. This really depends on whether or not we expect
> one sequence of START + SLV ADDR + DATA + STOP per i2c message. I can
> later extend the driver to refill/re-drain the FIFO for data size >= 64
> bytes, if one sequence of SATRT...STOP per message is not a requirement.

It is important to have the terminology clear here: One transfer can
consist of multiple messages. The transfer uses START/STOP at the
beginning/end, the messages within the transfer only REPEATED_START.

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