Re: [PATCH] media:firewire:Remove unneeded function definition,avc_tuner_host2ca in firedtv-avc.c

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Mon Feb 09 2015 - 01:43:51 EST

On Feb 08 nick wrote:
> On 2015-02-08 06:55 PM, Stefan Richter wrote:
> > I still am missing research on the question whether or not the Common
> > Interface serving part of the driver needs to send Host2CA commands. If
> > yes, we implement it and use the function. If not, we remove the
> > function. As long as we are not sure, I prefer to leave the #if-0'd code
> > where it is. It documents how the command is formed, and we don't have
> > any other documentation (except perhaps the git history).
> Stefan,
> I looked in the history with git log -p 154907957f939 and all I got
> for this function was
> Wed Feb 11 21:21:04 CET 2009
> firedtv: avc: header file cleanup
> Remove unused constants and declarations.
> Move privately used constants into .c files.

The function was added a few commits before this one, by "firesat: update
isochronous interface, add CI support".

> Clearly this states to remove unused declarations and avc_tuner_host2ca is unused.
> Can you explain to me then why it's still needed to be around if there no callers
> of it?

See above; in this instance

#if 0
dead code

stands in for

* pseudo code
Stefan Richter
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