Re: [PATCH V5 6/8] USB: f81232: clarify f81232_ioctl()

From: Peter Hung
Date: Mon Feb 09 2015 - 01:59:22 EST


Sergei Shtylyov æ 2015/2/6 äå 08:21 åé:
We extract TIOCGSERIAL section in f81232_ioctl() to
to make it clarify

You're also changing 'ser.baud_rate' from 460800 to 115200. And
explicitly overriding some previously initialized to 0 fields.

F81232 max baudrate is only 115200bps, so I set it for
1.8432MHz/16 = 115200.

We had add some closing time referenced from serial_core.c. The default
value is:

port->close_delay = HZ / 2; /* .5 seconds */
port->closing_wait = 30 * HZ;/* 30 seconds */

We had increasing close_delay about 10x to

port->close_delay = 5 * HZ ;

The f81232_set_mctrl() replace set_control_lines() to do MCR control
so we clean-up the set_control_lines() function.

I don't see where are you doing this...

This text is my patch V5 5/8 second section. I had wrong operation of copy & paste. It's doesn't need for this patch, sorry for it.

With Best Regards,
Peter Hung
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