Re: Kill I4L?

From: One Thousand Gnomes
Date: Mon Feb 09 2015 - 14:49:13 EST

> The reason is the maintenance load it produces. There's a continuous,
> annoying trickle of patch proposals, discussions, conflicts with
> development in other, still actively maintained areas of the kernel,
> and so on. The present discussion being a point in case.
> > Does it hurt anyone to leave the code in there, despite it barely
> > being used?
> Yes it does. Not much, but the pain is increasing over the years.
> Every time someone tries to touch that code there's the problem
> that no one can actually answer for it, much less test anything.

The same has been happening with a lot of other code. For i2o I've
followed the pattern a few other drivers have used. I sent GregKH a patch
to move it into staging, and if nobody steps up then it will vanish in a
few releases.

> > We're not talking about a particularly huge driver here, either.
> But one that's particularly difficult to maintain, without
> providing any noticeable benefit in return.

I'm also not sure a pretty, polished and untested driver is actually
better than someone who needs it going back to an old tree and a known
working driver to forward port.

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