Re: [PATCH1/2] Trivial patch in efifb.c to solve common indent issue and indent error

From: Parmeshwr Prasad
Date: Tue Feb 10 2015 - 03:06:36 EST

I have created two patch now.
This patch solves indentation issue in efifb.c file.
This don't has any code change.
I checked with it has some warning to remove some old functions in
efifb.c. my changes are not to address that. That changes I can try in my next
This is addressing following changes:
1- It has removed "quoted string split across lines" warning.
2- There was static initialization of request_mem_succeeded, which is removed.
3- Assignment in if condition, this is fixed.

This one I have checked with it don't has any warning or comment.

I am sending these patches with mutt.