Please!! revive Bastille hardening tool for Devuan

From: Usspookes Lovesystemd
Date: Wed Feb 11 2015 - 09:22:52 EST

Could you please revive bastille linux for devuan. It's an essential hardining
script and it is unlikely anyone will have a secure system without it.
For some reason on the newer debian 7s it does not run (is this by design?)
On the older debian 7s it runs fine.

Debian removed it around the time they had the 2 year ssh "bug" (ie: intentional
redesign of SSH's random num generator by an idiot package maintaine or plant).
Why? Who knows, it still worked fine then...
but you know if something doesn't get updates,
if that thing is FINISHED.. well then it gets kicked out
of Debian by the faggots/enemies.

(Same thing with SysV: no updates for years: DEPPPREEECIATEEEDD!!1111)

Seems like EVERYTHING is being torpedoed.

Can you de-orphan this script please.
You can get a deb from here:

Another thing essential for security is the grsecurity patch to the kernel.
Has debian ever packaged it. No.
MANDRAKE Linux packaged it (as hardedned kernel) in 2001.
Easy to use friendly distro packaged it even, but a serious distro, for somereason
Debian is compromised.
(Even the wikileaks founder knows that)

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