Re: [RFC PATCH v1] usb: dwc2: reduce dwc2 driver probe time

From: John Youn
Date: Wed Feb 11 2015 - 22:33:24 EST

On 2/11/2015 3:42 AM, Roy wrote:
> Hi John Youn:
> Could you please give some suggestions from your point of view,
> about this probe time issue ?
> Thanks a lot.
> at 2015/2/11 2:23, Julius Werner wrote:
>>> @@ -2703,7 +2703,7 @@ int dwc2_get_hwparams(struct dwc2_hsotg *hsotg)
>>> gusbcfg = readl(hsotg->regs + GUSBCFG);
>>> writel(gusbcfg, hsotg->regs + GUSBCFG);
>>> - usleep_range(100000, 150000);
>>> + usleep_range(25000, 50000);
>> The point of usleep_range() is to coalesce multiple timer interrupts
>> in idle systems for power efficiency. It's pretty pointless/harmful
>> during probe anyway and there's almost never a reason to make the span
>> larger than a few milliseconds. You should reduce this to something
>> reasonable (e.g. usleep_range(25000, 26000) or even
>> usleep_range(25000, 25000)) to save another chunk of time. Same
>> applies to other delays above.

Databook does say 25ms. From what I could gather this has to
do with the debounce filter time on the IDDIG pin after the
ForceHstMode/ForceDevMode is programmed. There is no way to
poll this. I think the change is acceptable, even to lower
the range as Julius suggested.

>>> do you know what's the upper boundary for AHB clock ? How fast can it
>>> be? It's not wise to change timers because "it works on my RK3288
>>> board", you need to guarantee that this won't break anybody else.
>> But this code is already a loop that spins on the AHBIdle bit, right?
>> It should work correctly regardless of the delay. The only question is
>> whether the code could be more efficient with a longer sleep... but
>> since the general recommendation is to delay for ranges less than
>> 10us, and the AHB clock would need to be lower than 100KHz (the ones I
>> see are usually in the range of tens or hundreds of MHz) to take
>> longer than that, this seems reasonable to me.

Agree with this. It shouldn't take nearly that long and you are
polling anyways.

As for the other change:

> It seems that usleep_range() at boot time will pick the longest
> value in the range. In dwc2_core_reset() there is a very long
> delay takes 200ms, and this function run twice when probe, could
> any one tell me is this delay time resonable ?

I'm not sure about this value or the reasoning/history behind
it. It is not in our internal code. It looks like it is taking
into account the delay for the ForceHstMode/ForceDevMode
programming. However, I think your change is conservative and
should be ok. Maybe Samsung engineers know about this?


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