Re: [BUG in v3.18 ?] Seems to be triggered from cgroup code

From: santosh shilimkar
Date: Thu Feb 12 2015 - 12:31:14 EST

On 2/11/2015 10:09 PM, Zefan Li wrote:
On 2015/2/6 7:54, santosh shilimkar wrote:
Hi Tejun and all,

We observed a BUG (stack is end of the email) while trying do some
ceph testing. I looked at pidlist_free(), pidlist_array_load() for
any potential leak but those functions looked fine to me.
The BUG is not 100% reproducible either so though of reporting
to the list to get some more pointers.

By saying not 100% reproducible, do you mean it's reproducible but
not very easy to trigger?

Right. We saw it only once in 20+ attempts.

I have to clue how this can happen...This reminds me another bug
report which also happend in pidlist code and it's not reproducible.

I was just trying my luck if I can get some more ideas about the
potential cause.

Thanks for the response !!


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