Re: [PATCH 1/1] ptrace/x86: fix the TIF_FORCED_TF logic in handle_signal()

From: Andres Freund
Date: Mon Feb 16 2015 - 21:42:07 EST


Could this patch please be picked up? I very regularly hit the problems
caused due to this in gdb (just single step out of a system call that
returns due to EINTR to reproduce and then single step some more...).

I've first spent an embarassing amount of time trying to figure out
what's wrong, to then find a closed bugzilla entry from 2010, to then
find this thread...

I've verified that applying the fix ontop 1fa185ebcbc fixes the issue
for me. So feel free to add a Tested-By. I, by far, don't understand the
code well enough for an actual review though, sorry.

Anything else I can do?


Andres Freund
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