Re: [PATCH] /arch/microblaze/kernel/entry.S kernel 3.14 Fix crash when calling invalid syscall ID

From: Michal Simek
Date: Mon Feb 23 2015 - 08:54:40 EST

Hi Jamie,

On 02/23/2015 02:43 PM, Jamie Garside wrote:
> There appears to be a couple of bugs in the initial syscall handler on
> Microblaze when passing an invalid syscall ID.
> The code at line 351 should check for a syscall ID above __NR_syscalls,
> then jump to the error exit routine. In this case, _user_exception returns
> using the wrong register (r15 instead of r14), and doesn't clean up the
> stack, causing the running user-land to hang.
> Additionally, it does not cause an error if the syscall ID is negative (as
> can be returned from do_syscall_trace_enter), causing the kernel to attempt
> to jump to an invalid syscall handler and cause a kernel oops.
> This patch adds a check for negative syscall ID, and modifies the error
> exit to jump to ret_from_trap instead (as would happen after a successful
> syscall) to perform cleanup, returning -ENOSYS. I believe this should be
> safe in this condition.
> This patch has been edited against the Linux 3.14 code, but a glance over
> the git logs shows this file has not been changed in the past two years,
> hence this patch should be safe for the most recent kernel version.

Please rebase it on the latest 4.0-rc1 kernel and send the patch via
git send-email with proper description and SoB line. Then I will look at it.


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