Re: [PATCH char-misc-next v3 00/13] misc: mic: SCIF driver

From: Sudeep Dutt
Date: Mon Feb 23 2015 - 19:45:17 EST

On Mon, 2015-01-26 at 16:32 -0800, Sudeep Dutt wrote:
> ChangeLog:
> =========
> v2 => v3:
> a) Formatting fixes for SCIF header file documentation, data type fixes
> for SCIF IOCTL interface and added SCIF user space documentation in
> scif_overview.txt as per feedback from Greg Kroah-Hartman
> v1 => v2 @
> a) Use kernel-doc formatting for SCIF header file documentation, enhance
> SCIF ring buffer documentation and formatting cleanup in patch 4 as
> per feedback from Greg Kroah-Hartman
> b) SCIF bug fixes and cleanups since initial post
> v1: Initial post @
> Description:
> ============
> The Symmetric Communication Interface (SCIF (pronounced as skiff)) is a low
> level communications API across PCIe currently implemented for MIC. Currently
> SCIF provides inter-node communication within a single host platform, where a
> node is a MIC Coprocessor or Xeon based host. SCIF abstracts the details of
> communicating over the PCIe bus while providing an API that is symmetric
> across all the nodes in the PCIe network. An important design objective for SCIF
> is to deliver the maximum possible performance given the communication
> abilities of the hardware. SCIF has been used to implement an offload compiler
> runtime and OFED support for MPI implementations for MIC coprocessors.

Hi Greg,

Please take a look at this patch series.

Sudeep Dutt

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