Re: [PATCH] capabilities: Ambient capability set V2

From: Serge E. Hallyn
Date: Mon Mar 09 2015 - 10:37:05 EST

On Mon, Mar 09, 2015 at 07:05:24AM -0500, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Mar 2015, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> > > The ancestor here is ambient_test and when it is run pI will not be set
> > > despite the cap setting.
> >
> > ambient_test is supposed to set it.
> I thought the setcap +i would do it.
> So the setcap and setting of the file inheritance bits has no effect on
> pI? When the process starts pI is off despite fI being set?

Correct, pI must be set through capset(). Again, x in fI is saying
that the certain trusted users may have x in pP when they run the
binary; x in pi means that the users may have x in pP when they run
certain files. Other users running the file won't have x in pP, and
the special user running other files won't have x in pP.
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