RE: [PATCH V2 1/7] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Export the vmbus_sendpacket_pagebuffer_ctl()

From: KY Srinivasan
Date: Tue Mar 10 2015 - 11:05:46 EST

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH V2 1/7] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Export the
> vmbus_sendpacket_pagebuffer_ctl()
> On Fri, Mar 06, 2015 at 11:04:28PM -0800, K. Y. Srinivasan wrote:
> > Export the vmbus_sendpacket_pagebuffer_ctl() interface.
> Why? Nothing in this patch needs it. Please include this in the patch that
> needs the symbol, or at least give a hint as to what is going on.
> As it is, this just looks like a random export for no reason at all :(

This will be used by Hyper-V networking driver to optimize signaling on
the send path. I wanted these patches committed before I sent the networking
patch to David Miller. I implemented the two vmbus APIs for sending messages:
1) vmbus_sendpacket_ctl()
2) vmbus_sendpacket_pagebuffer_ctl()

and I forgot to export the second form of the send API in an earlier patch-set that you have
already committed. I need both to be exported to
for the netvsc patch I have.

On a different note, upstream Linux is currently broken on Hyper-V and a patch in this set
Fixes it:

Do you want me to resend this set?


K. Y

> greg k-h
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