ARCH_EXYNOS5433 missing in Kconfig

From: Valentin Rothberg
Date: Tue Mar 10 2015 - 11:33:10 EST

Hi Chanwoo,

your commit 96bd6224f07b ("clk: samsung: exynos5433: Add clocks using
common clock framework") is included in today's linux-next tree (i.e.,

This patch conditionally compiles clk-exynos5433.c depending on the
Kconfig option ARCH_EXYNOS5433. However, this option is not defined
in Kconfig, so that the driver cannot be compiled at the current

+obj-$(CONFIG_ARCH_EXYNOS5433) += clk-exynos5433.o

Is there a patch queued somewhere that adds this Kconfig symbol? I
detected the issue by running undertaker-checkpatch from the
Undertaker tool suite ( There is also a tool in
the git tree that can detect such issues (i.e.,

Kind regards,
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