Re: [PATCH v2] staging: rtl8192e: rtllib_wx: code style improvements

From: Mateusz Kulikowski
Date: Wed Mar 11 2015 - 18:20:12 EST

On 11.03.2015 08:53, Greg KH wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 08:46:00AM +0100, Mateusz Kulikowski wrote:
>> Code reformatting based on
>> - Replaced min() with min_t()
>> - Replaced printk() with netdev_*()
>> - Merged broken string
> That's three different things, which means this should be at least 3
> different patches. Please fix up and resend a patch series, as each
> patch should only do one thing.

Will split in v3 (and do it for future patches).

Thanks for the comments,

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