[PATCH 00/16] checkpatch clean-up of rtl8723au's rtw_security.c

From: M. Vefa Bicakci
Date: Thu Mar 12 2015 - 23:39:57 EST

These commits address a number of checkpatch.pl warnings and errors
in rtl8723au's rtw_security.c.

Prior to this set of commits, checkpatch.pl reported the following:
total: 77 errors, 138 warnings, 1621 lines checked

After applying this set of commits, checkpatch.pl reports the following:
total: 0 errors, 39 warnings, 1627 lines checked
where the only remaining warnings relate to lines longer than 80
characters and quoted strings split across multiple lines.

There are also a number of commits which improve the code in other ways.
The commit titled "Reorganize a few functions to remove indentation"
reworks two functions to make them more readable.

All of the individual commits have been verified to compile successfully
individually via the use of the interactive rebase feature of git.

M. Vefa Bicakci (16):
staging: rtl8723au: Reformat whitespace to increase readability
staging: rtl8723au: Fix "before/around/after" whitespace issues
staging: rtl8723au: else should follow close brace
staging: rtl8723au: Fix the indentation of two lines
staging: rtl8723au: Reorganize a few functions to remove indentation
staging: rtl8723au: Do not initialize a static to 0
staging: rtl8723au: else is not generally useful after a return
staging: rtl8723au: Remove unneeded curly braces
staging: rtl8723au: trailing statements should be on next line
staging: rtl8723au: that open brace should be on the previous line
staging: rtl8723au: No spaces at the start of a line
staging: rtl8723au: Adjust whitespace in and around comments
staging: rtl8723au: suspect code indent for conditional statements
staging: rtl8723au: Improve readability of two very long lines
staging: rtl8723au: Correct a typo in a trace log line
staging: rtl8723au: Remove unneeded comments

drivers/staging/rtl8723au/core/rtw_security.c | 762 +++++++++++++-------------
1 file changed, 384 insertions(+), 378 deletions(-)


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