Re: [PATCH v8 0/3] pci: iproc: Add Broadcom iProc PCIe support

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Wed Apr 08 2015 - 15:22:44 EST

On Wed, Apr 08, 2015 at 11:21:32AM -0700, Ray Jui wrote:
> This patch series adds the support for Broadcom iProc PCIe controller
> pcie-iproc.c servers as the common core driver, and front-end bus
> interface needs to be added to support different bus interfaces
> pcie-iproc-pltfm.c contains the support for the platform bus interface
> Changes from v7:
> - Consolidate iProc PCIe patches and rebase to v4.0-rc1 per request
> from Bjorn
> - Restrict CONFIG_PCIE_IPROC to ARM based platforms
> - Spell out 'pltfm' as 'platform'

Thanks, I applied this to pci/host-iproc and will merge it to "next" for
v4.1 as soon as the build test completes.

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