RE: [PATCH V1 2/2] devicetree: Add bindings for DA9063 OnKey

From: Opensource [Steve Twiss]
Date: Thu Apr 09 2015 - 06:32:22 EST

On 09 April 2015 10:22 Lee Jones wrote

> > From: Steve Twiss <stwiss.opensource@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> What format is this? Why aren't you using `git send-email`?

I am using a git format-patch to generate the patches but our in-house IT
department complications disallow the use of git send-email.

> > This patch is dependent on PATCH V1 1/2
> How can there be dependencies between a binding document and a driver
> patch?

I'll remove those circular dependencies for the next patch

> > +- onkey : This node defines the OnKey settings for controlling the key
> > + functionality of the device. The node should contain the compatible
> keyword
> s/keyword/property/

... will do that search and replace

> > + DA9063_REG_CONFIG_I and the device tree entry "dlg,disable-key-
> power" can
> I feel like you're burying the dlg,disable-key-power documentation in
> side a long winded paragraph. It's better to start the line with it,
> like:
> Optional Properties:
> dlg,disable-key-power: Disable power-down using a long key-press. If
> absent <blah> ...

okay, I'll make that change.

Thanks for the comments,
I'll send PATCH V2 after I make the changes requested by yourself and Paul Bolle