Re: [bnx2x] Re: Kernel 3.18.11 hangs when inserting netconsle module on a DELL M620 VRTX Blade

From: Urban Loesch
Date: Thu Apr 09 2015 - 08:35:11 EST


thanks for your help.

Am 08.04.2015 um 16:42 schrieb Yuval Mintz:
>>> I'have installed a new DELL VRTX M620 Blade with kernel 3.18.11.
>>> After system startup I tried to activate the kernel netconsole with remote
>> logging enabled.
>>> I executed the following command and the shell I issued it becomes
>> unresponsive and hangs.
>>> # modprobe netconsole
>> netconsole="@/eth0,514@xxxxxxxxxxx/00:10:db:fc:60:0c"
>>> The system load increases slowly and the CPU #11 uses 100% of soft
>>> irq. Only a soft reset witohut loading the netconsole module after startup
>> solves the issue.
> I suspect this is a regression introduced by 9a2620c87745
> "bnx2x: prevent WARN during driver unload".
> bnx2x locks & unlocks spin_lock_bh() during the napi poll, which shouldn't
> be done while interrupts are disabled. This break interoperability with netpoll,
> as it disables irqs prior to sending the skb on the bnx2x's interface.
> Can you please try compiling your kernel without CONFIG_NET_RX_BUSY_POLL?
> I suspect that might solve your issue.

I compiled my kernel without CONFIG_NET_RX_BUSY_POLL.

I tried multiple times to insert an remove the netconsole module.
There was no error anymore.

Compiling the kernel without CONFIG_NET_RX_BUSY_POLL solves the issue.
At least for me.

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