[PATCH v6 0/3] Add ktd2692 Flash LED driver using LED Flash class

From: Ingi Kim
Date: Fri Apr 10 2015 - 02:46:12 EST

This patch adds ktd2692 Flash LED driver with LED Flash class

Change in v6:
- Change goto label to if-else
- Change DT binding style for LED device binding

Change in v5:
- Clean up the code
- Fix help message of Kconfig
- Fix issue related with regulator and mutex usage
- Remove tab spaces in bindings

Change in v4:
- Clean up the code
- Modify binding documentation of ktd2692

Change in v3:
- Clean up the code
- Add aux gpio pin to control Flash LED

Change in v2:
- Introduction of LED Flash class as Jacek's comment
- Supplement of binding documentation
- Rename gpio control pin and remove unused pin
- Add regulator for the Flash LED

Ingi Kim (3):
of: Add vendor prefix for Kinetic technologies
leds: ktd2692: add device tree bindings for ktd2692
leds: Add ktd2692 flash LED driver

.../devicetree/bindings/leds/leds-ktd2692.txt | 40 ++
.../devicetree/bindings/vendor-prefixes.txt | 1 +
drivers/leds/Kconfig | 9 +
drivers/leds/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/leds/leds-ktd2692.c | 408 +++++++++++++++++++++
5 files changed, 459 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/leds/leds-ktd2692.txt
create mode 100644 drivers/leds/leds-ktd2692.c


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