Re: Fwd: Re: [PATCH 2/2] ARM: mvebu: dts: Add dts file for DLink DNS-327L

From: Sebastian Hesselbarth
Date: Sun Apr 12 2015 - 08:16:39 EST

On 12.04.2015 13:43, Andrew wrote:
Sebastian Hesselbarth ÐÐÑÐÐ 12.04.2015 14:20:
On 11.04.2015 22:29, Andrew Andrianov wrote:
Signed-off-by: Andrew Andrianov <andrew@xxxxxxxxxx>
+ * CONFIG_ARM_MVEBU_V7_CPUIDLE=y causes hard freezes every 1-8 hours

I don't think the dts is the right place for Linux issues.

Not sure if that's a hardware weirdness or software issue (yet).
Just checked - this goblin is there in 4.0-rc7.

I understand the issue, but still the dts is not the right place
for this comment.

+ marvell,nand-keep-config;
+ marvell,nand-enable-arbiter;
+ nand-on-flash-bbt;

Do you know the ECC scheme used?

Any hints on how to find it apart from dumping NAND controller registers
from bootloader ?

From the original bootlog:

armada-nand armada-nand.0: Initialize HAL based NFC in 8bit mode with DMA Disabled using BCH 4bit ECC

that translates into

nand-ecc-strength = <4>;
nand-ecc-step-size = <512>;

+ /* Hardwired into stock bootloader */

I don't get the comment above.

The stock u-boot is hacked with a 'failsafe' kernel address.

Ok, the above partition isn't passed by the bootloader on mtdparts
cmdline, i.e. that is why you call it "hardwired" ?

Just remove the comment, actually the whole partition table is
"hacked" into the stock bootloader.

If for some reason running the 'bootcmd' fails, it reads
5MiBs from partition @ (5d00000 + 0x800) and tries to boot it.
There's no way to change this via environment, only by replacing
the bootloader.
Personally I'm more happy with a simpler partition table, but I
guess upstream should be oriented towards the stock bootloader.

Yeah, leave the original partition table. Any other, smarter
bootloader can replace it.

Thanks for the review, I'll resubmit the fixed patchset shortly.
Please disregard my [PATCH v2] messages. I've send them the moment before
I noticed your email and review.

Please always leave the Cc-list in place.

And you should relax and leave patches there a day or two (or three).
Not everybody is reading patches immediately.

We are in no hurry, the current merge window is already closed,
the new one is 6 weeks away.

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